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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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s ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie. also asked for everyone's players as the officer fights for his life here at the hospital. >> at 11:00, a father of four with his wife, children and relatives by his bedside. the chp officer remains in critical condition while the investigation unfolds. thanks for joining us. >> within the past two hours, a cph has identified the officer's 37-year-old kenyan youngstrom. he's a seven-year veteran of the
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department. cheryl hurd has the latest on the investigation. we begin with gene ellie live outside the medical center with the latest on the officer's condition, gene? >> we have been receiving emotional updates from the chp all night. tonight officer youngstrom is listed in critical condition on life support. all night, members of his family have been arriving at the hospital. >> i've been speaking with his family, and they have asked me to convey their thanks to their extended family and friends, law enforcement and public safety communities. >> the acting chief of the chp's golden gate division says the critically wounded officer is kenyan youngstrom. his family is at his bedside, showing an intense show of support from the law enforcement community. >> they are overwhelmed with the relationship we share amongst
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ourselves as well as the communities. >> reporter: dozens of officers are in and out, holding vigil for the officer who served seven years with the chp. most recently in martinez. deanna mcdermott knows the father of four who is now on life support. >> a super individual, a man of faith, and support, encouragement for those around him and his family members. >> reporter: family and colleagues wait and hope for the best, offers of support are pouring in. >> i was at the scene earlier, and i can't even name the badges from the agencies that are present offering their support. >> reporter: youngstrom also served with the u.s. army reserve before joining the chp. his family is asking for privacy. jean ellie nbc bay area news. >> there's no such then as a routine traffic stop. this morning, the officer's life changed forever. we have an audio clip from chp
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dispatch in the moments right after the shooting. >> the description of the suspect or anything like that. >> negative, he just said an officer was down, i've been trying to call. no response yet. >> very calm exchange between the dispatcher and another officer racing to the scene, and it was a chaotic scene, during rush hour, several lanes of the freeway were closed for more than eight hours as crime investigators collected evidence. cheryl hurd continues our coverage this evening from wall mutt creek, cheryl? >> reporter: police are keeping details of this investigation close. not releasing a time line, but tonight we are getting a clearer picture of what happened here early this morning. >> it was 8:19 monday morning, chp officer kenyan youngstrom made a traffic stop on a jeep wrangler. contra costa county sheriff's
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say they're trying to figure out why he pulled the car over. >> one of the officers contacted the driver. the driver then pulled out a gun and shot at that officer, severely injuring him. >> reporter: a backup officer was also on the scene. he fired about a dozen rounds at the unidentified suspect who ultimately died at the hospital. >> as far as that timing, we're still looking at that. i don't -- i won't reveal any details of the investigation. >> reporter: the freeway shooting snarled traffic for hours. i-680 was shut down in both directions during the initial investigation. >> during the investigation early on, there was some information that was put out about a possible second suspect vehicle, a possible second suspect. it was a black nissan maxima. >> sources tell nbc bay area that the driver of the car was
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stopped for not using a hands free phone. the driver was located in danville questioned and releases. police say they believe the shooter acted alone. the suspect's name has not been released. of course, we'll have more information on this investigation tomorrow. reporting live in walnut creek, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. there's been an outpouring of support for officer youngstrom and his family tonight. including a growing tribute on facebook. an increasing number of people are posting this image or making it their profile picture. the chp's officer badge a symbol commonly used to honor fallen officers. stay with us for continuing coverage of the story. you'll find updates any time on nbc bay area news. there's news to share with you about a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack on the job.
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he's awake after a medical induced coma. frank wright suffered a heart attack while battling a fire at st. patrick's church last week. his fellow firefighters brought him back to life. his best friend and fellow firefighter said a security guard rushed to the waiting room to tell him his buddy was waiting for him. he not only answered questions about where he worked, but he also replied in the usual frank style with some humor. >> who drives the engine? who drives engine one. he goes, frickin' dale. and that's when i walked out and said, it's frank. >> doctors say they'll spend the next day re-evaluating the firefighter to see if he can be upgreated from critical to serious condition. >> it's a big night and a big week for the democrats. last tuesday it was ann romney, tonight it was michelle obama's turn to talk to the nation about her husband. she says barack obama as president is still the same man
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with the family values she fell in love with. >> we must work like never before. and we must once again come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward, my husband, our president, barack obama. >> comments brought a lot of people to their feet and tears. steve handlesman has more on the message the first lady and other democrats delivered during day one of the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. >> we're here! >> the women of america are h e here. >> reporter: from their convention tonight they turned to first lady michelle obama who
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was worried about going to the white house. >> i loved our life with our girls and i deeply loved the man i built that life with, i didn't want that to change if he became president. >> reporter: the president watched from the white house with their daughters. keynote speaker san antonio mayor julian castro tried to help, he's a minority who went to harvard law like barack obama. >> and my mother fought hard for civil rights, so that instead of a mop, i could hold this microphone. mitt romney just doesn't get it. but barack obama gets it. he understands that when we invest in people we're investing in our shared prosperity. >> reporter: the first lady in effect had the last word, barack obama as president, it turns out did not change his core. >> i have seen firsthand that
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being president doesn't change who you are, no, it reveals who you are. >> reporter: democrats are banking on michelle obama to at least warm up voters who were once fired up about barack obama. but then became undecided. at the dnc in charlotte, i'm steve handlesman, nbc news. >> thank you, steve. tomorrow night, bill clinton will take center stage, as a reminder, you can visit nbc bay for our complete coverage on this election as we run up to november. click on our decision 2012 page to find more on the dnc. can you follow us on twitter. a court ruling that one bay area mother calls profoundly disappointing. a judge says a man who once claimed to be the angel of death is no longer a threat to society. that man is david addi, the son of a successful hollywood director. the college freshman plowed his
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saab into a crowd in santa barbara, killing four people, three of the victims were from the bay area. he was convicted of four counts of murder. but in a competency hearing was later found insane. today a judge said he must be released from the mental hospital, because he's shown marked improvement over the last decade. he now will live in an unlocked community outpatient program. a drama could be over for uc davis and the students at the center of the pepper spray incident. next week, the uc board of regents will consider the deal. the school was sued by 21 people, all of them either current or former uc students. police doused them with pepper spray during a protest last fall. the video posted to youtube, received millions of views. the officer the athe center of that controversy was fired.
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she transferred to the bay area and then vanished without a trace. police are asking for your help to find a woman who disappeared from one of the south bay's hottest shopping spots. the major able that blocked a disabled california teen and his family from flying. and why the teen was a security threat. bye-bye burger. what mcdonald's says won't be on the menu at one of its next locations. much colder tonight in the north bay, already 48 in novado. some areas of fog and drizzle. we're tracking tropical rain. we'll let you know what our chances of getting any of this will be coming up. this is an rc robotic claw.
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the trail of a missing woman leads from sacramento to san jose. her credit card purchases have led police to the south bay. george kiriyama has details from santana row, one of the last places she was seen. >> that's right. santana row, in san jose, they haven't seen her for almost a month. they've been trying to track per down for almost a month. the last time anyone saw 35-year-old victoria ioffi was a month ago. the employees at vera bradley remember her attending their
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open house. they remember her entering, but they don't remember seeing her leaving. >> we were able to use her credit card to see where she was. there hasn't been any activity since the 9th of august, when she was reported missing. >> her car was found in this parking lot at santana row. her last stop was inside. her bag contained her cell phone and wallet were found in a store. when she did not show up for work the next day, her family called for police. >> her mother became concerned. she hadn't heard from her, and called the police and filled out a missing person's report. >> she's a pharmacist at a walgreens in auburn and is financially stable. she and her mother talked a few times a week, but no one has heard from her since last month. >> why she hasn't made contact with her family is concerning. >> reporter: she was seen at
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this la quinta inn and at this burger king, as far as the family knows, she does not have any friends in the bay area. >> reporter: we have no information that the family was even aware she was in san jose. we don't believe the family has any involvement at all. it's strange as to why this individual who is a really good history, why she would be in the bay area. >> here's one more look at victoria, 5'6", about 135 pounds. she has a visible gap between her front teeth and speaks with a russian accent. because she left rock land on her own, police are treating this as a missing person's case. live at santana row tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. a california family claims they were blocked from boarding their american airlines flight because their son has down syndrome. the parents and their
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16-year-old son were booked to fly from newark to los angeles sunday. the family says as they were preparing to board their flight they were stopped by airline officials and told that their son was a security risk, and they would not be allowed on the flight. they later rebooked to fly coach on another airline. the teen was acting agitated and running around the gate just before boarding. his parents dispute that saying their son was calm. facebook is struggling, but the boss is not selling. facebook's struggling stock got a small boost today after mark zuckerberg says he will not sell any of his shares for at least one year. the company will scrap a plan to issue 100 million more shares of stock through a secondary offering. this all comes after the menlo based company has seen a steady slide in its stock price since
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facebook's ipo. packers claim they now have access to unique i.d. numbers and other sensitive information from 12 million apple products. the hackers claim they stole the information from the laptop of an fbi agent. apple is not commenting on the claim, the fbi is. there's no evidence indicating an fbi laptop was compromised or that the fbi even has the apple information. there is a new hint about what may be coming next from apple. want to show you an invitation that was released to a few reporters today. take a look at the shadow. it's a five, which many say is a hint that the company will unveil the new iphone 5. scott bud man will be attending that event next week. >> that's september 12th. september 13th, jeff ranieri will probably have that iphone 5. >> that was a subliminal
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message, wasn't it? we're tracking some tropical rain off to the south, a few stray lightning strikes. we may get a slice of this the next 48 hours. we'll have more of that coming up. the coldest weather in the north bay with 50 in movado. the cold weather today coming from the fog. let's take you out to the live hd sky camera network. we have it moving through san francisco. a little of that trans america building spanning over 800 feet at the moment. do expect that, especially around the peninsula and the coastline for the morning hours. the next 48 hours it's going to get interesting here. that will keep it generally warm as we head through the week. the area around the high pressure could stream up some of that tropical moisture we showed you earlier. this area of low pressure off to the north, it's going to create conveyor belt of sorts for
11:19 pm
moisture. a stray and small piece of that is all it's going to take in the bay area. we'll get a few isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. as for the morning hours we're going to have the fog up at the coastline. 50s and 60s for the coast. and while the humidity will increase wednesday. best chance right now, forecast models are pending any shower activity would be on thursday at this points. let's get you the hour by hr forecast. we'll have fog at the coast. san francisco peninsula, also the north bay, by the afternoon, mid and high level cloud cover will stream on by, that's a sign of some of that tropical moisture, the best chance of this will be on thursday morning about 5:00 a.m., it's not a lot of green here on the ray dark that radar, that's a sign of how isolated the activity could be. could see a few bumps in the road as we head throughout the next 48 hours. low 50s down into the south bay,
11:20 pm
including almaden valley. daytime highs on wednesday will top out slightly cooler in the south bay. 78 in palo alto, 82 in sunnyvale. for the east bay, looking good here. 88 in pleasanton, 70s in heyward. and 68 in alameda. san francisco close to 70, 80 in santa rosa, 60s by the coast. we'll start with a little bit of sun, the clouds will increase, a look at that humidity in the interior valleys on wednesday. a chance of lightning and showers will come on by thursday. and friday, we'll start to clear out. look at this weekend. by saturday and seasoned we'll have mid-80s, by monday and tuesday, plenty of sunshine, and fall will begin in 11 days by next tuesday. can you believe it, the beginning of september, you may need the windshield wipers a little bit. very low chance, 20 to 30%
11:21 pm
chance. but really it's about 50/50 in our book across the bay area. >> we've been warned. >> that's why he's wearing the lavender tie for potential rainfall. >> we're going to need a key for all this. >> coming up, a not so happy anniversary, bob barker snubbed from the game show he helped make famous. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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a new study is asking if doctors are giving up too soon when trying to save patient's lives. the study was published today and involves data from hundreds of hospitals. patients have a better chance surviving at hospitals that continue with cpr for an average of 9:00 longer. the study is the first of its kind. the big mac hold the beef.
11:24 pm
mcdonald's is planning to open vegetarian only restaurants. the world's largest hamburger chain is catering to customer presences. roughly 40% of indians don't eat beef. beef is not eaten by many hindus who make up india's population. no word when these veggie only mcdonald's will open. we're going to send things over to henry wofford, this is what we call a tortuous night, right? >> absolutely, so far we've still got one game done, the other one is still underway. giants look to celebrate the year of the dragon by honoring martial arts legend bruce lee. was the power of kung fu enough to overcome. ♪
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welcome back to nbc bay area, we're less than 24 hours
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away from the official kickoff of the nfl season right here on nbc, but in the meantime, bay area sports fans have something else to get excited about. both the a's and giants are battling it out to secure their spot in baseball's postseason. we have a lot going on. d'backs and giants, bruce lee tribute night. bottom of the sixth, giants down 6-3. brandon belts two runs. homer. here we go again, this man made it a 6-5 ball game. bottom of the 7th, same score, pablo sandoval, base hit to left. angel pagan scores, now the game all tied up at 6. we have extra innings. in the bottom of the 9th, sandoval back up there. justin upton, my goodness, he made up some ground on that one. we are in extra innings right now, bottom of the 11th.
11:28 pm
8-6-arizona. over to the angels and a's, a's lead the season series 7-6. top of the fifth two on for the sensational mike trout. he singles to center, enough to get alberto 1-0 angels. brandon moss, right to the fence. you talk about a shot. this guy is carrying, carrying, and long gone off zack greinke. fourth homer for moss. the top of the eighth, erick aybar doubles off the left field wall. howie kendrick scores. angels go on to win this as well. 6-1 they take the first two games of the series. >> i thought he was good. real aggressive early on. seemed to have good command. you have to score runs to win the game. all in all, i thought he threw
11:29 pm
really well. >> i had pretty good stuff tonight. all in all, we lost. >> baseball fever in the bay area, once again, update on the giants score, 8-6. the d'backs that is right now, no outs in the bottom of the 11th, two men on base for the giants. complete highlights coming up on comcast sportsnet bay area. right before sports you saw that tease of the little kid, he was doing karate on all those kids. word is, that was a real fight. i guess the kid got ticked off. people kept calling him an a's fan and he snapped all at once. >> thank you, henry.
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fans of the price is right are upset tonight, bob barker was snubbed from the show's 40th
11:32 pm
anniversary celebration. the anniversary was today. barker hosted the show for 35 years was simply not invited. the 88-year-old tv rights personality is a long time animal rights activist and he said he thinks that had a lot to do with the producer's decision. okay, here's the plan.
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